Suzanne English-Merullo will be accountable

If you’re looking for someone that has a growing concern for the lack of accountability in state government, then Suzanne English-Merullo’s your candidate.

English-Merullo is running for Massachusetts Governor’s Council–the governmental body that provides advice and consent in certain matters such as judicial nominations, pardons, and commutations to the governor–in the upcoming statewide election. She is hoping to replace Michael Callahan for the 6th District seat. Callahan has decided to retire but is rumored to be supporting English-Merullo’s challenger Terry Kennedy, an attorney from Lynnfield, despite English-Merullo’s father’s ties to the former council member.

“There a real emphasis on the effort here in Massachusetts and not on the result,” said the Democratic Candidate and Eastie native. “This is a state held hostage by special interest groups and lobbyist and in return it seems nothing ever gets accomplished.”

English-Merullo grew up on Byron Street, attended St. Mary’s School in Eastie, Pope John in Everett and graduated with from Salem State College with a degree in education. She went back to school and now works part-time as a nurse and has two girls ages 15 and 10.

She ran for the same seat 10 years ago and said this time around she’s cautiously optimistic.

“We worked hard to get 1,500 signatures to get on the ballot and we’re planning standouts in Alewife in Cambridge and in Wellington Circle in Malden,” said English-Merullo. “Running for the seat relies heavily on name recognition so I’m trying to get my name out there the best I can.”

And this involves a clever slogan ‘I’m not asking for political contributions, I’m asking for your vote’.

“My basic belief is that lobbyists and special interest groups are a problem so it would be inappropriate for me to accept donations,” she said.

However, she has taken money from friends and family to get her campaign going, purchase signs and begin to get her name out there.

“So far campaigning is going good,” said English-Merullo. “Although its been an enlightening civic lesson and I hope to be able to inspire people with my message.”

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