Thanks, Senator – Petruccelli saves Logan Airport health study

We are pleased to announce officially that Senator Anthony Petruccelli has performed a small miracle by getting the funding available to complete the health study which was dropped by the state after nearly ten years of work because of a funding shortfall in the state budget.

Through some deft maneuvering and advocacy among his colleagues, Senator Petruccelli was able to have MassPort pick up the tab for the completion of the health study by attaching the health study to an environmental and community health hazards program bill.

This legislation guarantees that the health study will be completed and that MassPort will pay the $195,000 necessary to fund it properly.

This is extraordinary news for residents who have been struggling to make the case that East Boston needs to be informed about the risks it faces when it comes to health hazards generated by bad air, et cetera.

Inevitably, this translates simply into knowing just how badly residents living here are impacted by the airport.

We congratulate Senator Petruccelli for his good work in this instance.

He has shown that the time he is spending going inside, that is, working his way to the top of the senate’s leadership, has been well spent.

This type of legislation cannot be achieved without considerable skill and the respect from one’s colleagues.

Senator Petruccelli has both.

Great work well done.

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