Chelsea St. Bridge – A connection between the past and future

East Boston residents with an interest in extraordinary building and construction projects should ride by the Chelsea Street Bridge everyday.

If you do this, you will experience the ongoing construction of a brand new and architecturally exciting steel bridge over the Chelsea River, which connects Chelsea with East Boston.

There has been a drawbridge of one kind or another at this location since 1834.

The newest incarnation will be a bridge, which raises its central mass to allow ships to flow under its span – replacing the antiquated drawbridge that is more than 75 years old.

When completed next spring, it will allow for easier ship travel in the Chelsea River and will also allow for smoother automobile and truck travel while providing bicycle and pedestrian access.

Problematic during construction time will be bridge closing and traffic re-routing.

We urge all residents on both sides of the bridge to pay close attention to traffic advisories during the months to come.

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