The New Maverick Square – New MBTA Station looks fantastic

There is something very pleasing about the new Maverick Station MBTA structure.

It is the central point of the grander Maverick Square renewal that is taking place.

As a central point – all eyes are on it when coming into the square or leaving the square – and it is impressive and frankly, has upgraded the general feeling in the square as well as the general look of it.

New construction now on-going in the square is also systematically improving the look and the feel of the place.

The new Maverick station serves as the trunk of the tree – with everything else spinning off it the branches.

With the construction of the new East Boston Health Center in the square, everything is going to change again, and for the better.

1 comment for “The New Maverick Square – New MBTA Station looks fantastic

  1. John
    January 29, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Have you actually looked at the quality of the work in Maverick Station? The entrance doors are too large so they had to cut into the cement. This is fine on dry days but when its raining you step out the door into 3 inches of water. Speaking of doors, they are constantly locked and have to be duct taped to keep them unlocked. On top of that, the entrance nearest the city leaks and they never did anything to address the leaking tunnel. There’s still trash bags over the lights at the far end of the station. I’d love to know why these issues are occuring and why nobody is held accountable.

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